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Aloha! Or should I say ____. That blank space is for “hello” in Sri Lanka, which is where I am now, but the language is really really hard to pronounce soo I won’t look it up. Using google is just cheating.\

A few updates:
1) Boot camp has been fantastic. I’ve been doing the Monday/Wednesday with Samson (yes, his real name) in HK Park with a bunch of women who have continually smoked me in the exercises. I think I’m improving but let’s just say it’s not too moralizing to see a 45 year old woman do more sit ups than you. I think I’m pleasantly shaped now, meaning that I’ve a ways to go but I’m not going to embarass myself.
2) Speaking of that, I had a style consultation with Sunee where I learned a lot what things to wear including “don’t wear halter-top shirts” and “double-breasted suits are not in.” Whoops. I just thought it was traditional (insert sound of readers rolling eyes). Anyway, I have this nifty booklet that tells me all about what my frame and shape would look good in and it’s quite cool.
3) Here’s one thing that we haven’t mentioned: LIfe coaching. The service – in my opinion – is pretty awesome though the name is always tough. There’s a big fear that you’ll say something like “My life coach says” and then immediately be punched in the face by your guy friends.

However, Ana’s given me a good opportunity to brainstorm, think, and have the “me” time which is necessary to develop and come up towards figuring out what’s important and things I want to emphasize. It’s kind of like when your friend is having a problem with his gf/her bf and comes and talks to you for a long time about it and you just sit there and listen for a while and occasionally come up with some advice. Oh wait, there’s one other difference: this is actually useful where the other is what I think psychiatrists call emotional masturbation. I look forward to speaking more with Ana and reaching for the stars and all that.

4) Nutrition. This is actually as useful and important as exercise but doesn’t get too much press. Maybe this is because our nutritionist extraordinaire is in Lebanon (I think) or carrying out some sort of secret nutrition missions but we’ve been staying in email contact. Am I following his principles now that I’m on vacation? A: Not really. But am I thinking about nutrition and not being a complete pig? A: Yes. And I think that’s the important part. To think a little bit about what you’re eating, when you’re eating, why you’re eating, and to eat healthy, and well. I really hope I can continue this – despite all the banana puddings placed in front of me.

5) Hey Zoe (our marketing lady)? Can we retitle this blog “Polly’s blog with pictures of Polly”? Thanks. I feel like P. Diddy circa-2003: It’s guest appearance time.

Take care all.


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  1. * Zoe says:

    Yalun, For some odd reason. We don’t have enough pictures of you.

    OK- I will promised to get more up there!

    | Reply Posted 8 years ago

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