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On holiday: Polly

Before I knew that I was going to be taking part in this ‘transformation’ I booked a holiday. The plan was quite clear – hit Thailand with my mate (Thelma and Louise styley – not quite sure which one of us would be which but I hoped I’d get to shag Brad Pitt) and get totally pissed whilst eating all the yummy Thai food in sight, cocktail in hand and laze on the beach. You feeling it?! We were.

Few weeks later, Transform HK and their Bootcamp mates pitch up and there’s all this talk of lunges and starjumps whilst on holiday! Let me not even bore you with the list (2 hour hike on holiday anyone?!) but it was extensive. Although I was pretty positive about doing exercise on holiday I think its important to be realistic.

So my holiday plans and location changed, and today is my last day in Thailand. I hit yoga most days and ate healthily – I drank so much water that I’m now considered to be a key part in the water cycle and kids will learn about me in science class. Salads and fruit were the name of the game and I’ve now given up alcohol for the rest of April.

All this change was surprisingly do-able and I’m not really that fussed about giving up alcohol. In fact I’m feeling really good! Its been hectic & difficult to prioritise my new schedule and find time in my life for regular gym sessions, food shopping/cooking and Bootcamps – but now i’m kind of settling in to the groove of it all. Before I went away I had to clear out my fridge for food that might go off, that’s the first time I’ve ever had to do that! (because there’s never any fresh food in there – not because I’m a lazy cow… although I expect those two go hand in hand)

Given an 8-week time limit for this TransformHK project I’m not sure how transformed I’ll actually be, perhaps not on the outside anyway, but lifestyle wise I’ve moved towards a healthier new me which I’m really happy and positive about… so many thanks to all at TransformHK. 🙂


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