Transformhk's Reboot: Mind, Body & Soul BLOG


I’ve returned to Hong Kong (yay!) after a longer-than-deisred haitus and back to the Transform HK thing of things. My goals, as outlined for y’all, for the last 16 days:

-No alcohol, not even one handle of vodka
-No carbos in the evening
-Balanced meals throughout the day
-Sleep 6-9 hours
-Continue with style, as shown to me by the excellent Sunee LaClaire, in my materials and books. It is really hard to be stylish if you are lazy and believe me, I am. I’m committed to looking good though. Goodbye weird colored tan t-shirt. Goodbye sweatpants to lounge around in.
-Work on projects I’ve come up with life coaching aficianado Ana Scherer.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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