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Thinking about fashion today. I’m sure lots of people say that normally but if you ever saw me walking around in my old jeans and a Red Sox sweatshirt you would think, that guy does not care about fashion.

I met with Sunee last week, style and image consultant, who did a color consultation. The first thought that went through my head was that a color consultation would just be someone yelling colors and then splashing you with dyed paint. PURPLE! Bam, you’re covered in lavender paint. Like that new Ok! Go video with the Rube Goldberg Machine.

We met and it was actually much more civilized and infinitely more helpful. I may be repeating others, here, but very quickly: we met at Immaginare’s offices in Soho . Sunee stared deep into my eyes to find out their pigment. I tried to hypnotize her into thinking that I have awesome style but found out 1) I don’t; 2) trying to hypnotize people and having it fail is very embarrassing, and 3) I need to stop watching vampire themed TV shows where people get hypnotized.

After looking through and figuring out my eye, skin color, and basic colorations, we went through a series of swaths (is that the word?) to see which of two colors looked good on me, and which brightness looked good on me. It turned out I am Cool Summer (

Sunee gave me an awesome color palate for my most suited colors and a book with helpful color advice populated by pictures of all conceivable face, body, and other types. Now when I go shopping I’ll have a big color wheel I can use to choose clothes and a book for general color advice. Time to become a master at not making myself look terrible (color wise).

Next stop: shopping. Check plus plus plus. I’m excited.


PS: Weight: 98.0 kilos
PS: Hey, Transform HK, what gives? How come I have a picture with a ruler coming out of my face and Polly has a whole spread. 🙂 jk


Life Coaching = Clarity

Hi There! Ana Scherer here, the life coach for Transform HK.
Most of our sessions will bring a lot of clarity to Yalun and Polly and challenge them to think about stuff that they might not have considered before. There is homework to be done, tough questions to be answered and some moments of silence… After all that hard work there will be tons of clarity! One of the purposes of the coaching is to help them see the possibilities ahead of them. Another purpose is to empower them so they can make decisions from a place of confidence. My wish for the two of them is that they take full advantage of this time and explore the possibilities. May they feel empowered and grounded during and after this experience!
With energy,

Polly’s First Color Consultation

Matching the right color for Polly!

How about Green?

transformhk Nutritionist

Dear all,

I would like to welcome ,again, our two candidates to transform HK.

I met with the guys last week, and made a few adjustments to their diets, so far it looks like they are on track. Getting off track is normal in the beginning , often is not recommended ,deal ??

Going at this pace  looks promising ,combining Sports and Nutrition plans will help getting faster results.
Remember guys getting to your goals is through steady hard work.
No pain, no gain.

Achieving your goal is a good feeling so keep up the hard work and look your best!

Charbel Assaf

Qualified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

Day 8: Polly

Survived the weekend with only a few alcoholic beverages consumed (less then 5!) and sticking to the diet pretty well! Went out for dinner and found it was quite easy to adjust dishes to suit my needs swapping naughty food for salad with dressing on the side and just generally being sensible.

After a healthy brunch with my ladies (Camilla, Shelley, George – not so subtle shout out!) I headed to Soho to meet Sunee (Image Consultant – Immaginare) for our first meeting. Today we were discussing what colours suit me best, easy no? Actually its quite technical!

Sunee took in to account the colours (yes more than one) of my eyes, hair and skin tone – then we looked at various colour swatches of fabric to see which ones brightened my face and which just made me look dowdy. I was a bit rubbish at this part being attracted to the colours I liked NOT the ones that made me look the best, so I let Sunee crack on with that.

It turns out that I’m  ‘warm  and clear – spring’ – sounds pretty nice! Sunee gave me a booklet which contains the information we discussed and a few more hints about the correct colours for us spring folk. There’s some really interesting theories behind the personality traits of  people based on their colours and I thought it was pretty accurate.

I was also really excited with my new colour palette containing all the colours that suit moi (its tenny tiny so I can take it shopping!) and have been a bit pathetic matching it to the clothes I already own, mixed success there.

Monday already, back to Bootcamp.

Day 7: Yalun

I met with the nutritionist this week also and, unfortunately for me, it was that bad. I tried to trick him into thinking that eating steak, pizza, junk food, candy, and chocolate at random times during the day was healthy. It didn’t work. Now I’m focused on smaller portions, slow eating, and a balanced plate.

Amazingly one of my issues was that I don’t get enough fiber and should have some more. Thus, more wholewheat pasta and bread. Carbs! That’s fantastic since ever since the Atkins craze hit the US I’m terrified of anything bread related for dieting purposes.

Carbs – here I come.

More anon.

Day 5: Polly

So, so far so good. In the past 5 days I’ve been to 3 Bootcamp sessions which is a pretty big effort from someone who’s normal exercise routine involves walking home from Soho a bit tipsy! I even hit the gym (wowee!) but my efforts there were pretty poor in comparison to Bootcamp.

Apparently exercising will only take me 50% of the way to near-goddess-like-perfection (aka me in 8 weeks ha!) so I need to watch my diet too. I met with the nutritionist and really things don’t look so bad. Naturally I need to cut down on the booze, tough call in Hong Kong, but I do get to eat… and often! Basically I have to eat proper healthy food, which should include a little meat, rice/potato/pasta and salad… not too shabby. This will obviously involve some cooking… normally I’m a fan of ‘heating’  – so I’m going to have to be pretty strict with myself….. fingers crossed!

Day 5 – Yalun

Yalun here. This is my first post on exercising after rocking the sedentary lifestyle for the last few weeks.

I met with the TransformHK team last week, who congratulated me on being selected. It’s kind of funny; it’s like “congratulations on not looking that good!” But I am very excited to be transformed.

Day 1 boot camp was not what I expected. The first call was me and 14 girls, which sounds like the plot of an awesome high school party movie, but was actually very embarrassing when >50% were in better than I and destroying me on the stairs, bicep curls, and push-ups. Our trainer, Sampson, had a lot of “come on, you can do it” type comments and my brain was shutting down and saying “no, I can not do it.” But I did do it, and I’m terribly sore, and ready to go to sleep.

Going to try to take a nap at lunch. More training tomorrow!



Fitting for Yalun

Day 1: Polly

I was pretty nervous about tonight’s first Bootcamp, not least because there was someone taking pictures, videos and I have 0% fitness. The first Bootcamp was tough but not horribly so, beginners class (woohoo!). Bootcamp has got a great social aspect to it, I thought I’d miss my ipod and working out to tunes but I was too busy to notice!

I’m already looking forward to Wednesdays class 🙂

Roll on the next 8 weeks!


Transform HK WINNER!!!

We are proud to annouce that Mr. Yalun Tu and Ms. Polly Berryman have been selected to go through this 8 week transformation with us Bootcamp By Body Synergy Limited, Immaginaire Consulting & NRG Coaching.

IT WILL BE A RIDE! CONGRATULATIONS! Stay tuned for their progress!