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The “Before” Photos

During the shoot


Day 5 – Yalun

Yalun here. This is my first post on exercising after rocking the sedentary lifestyle for the last few weeks.

I met with the TransformHK team last week, who congratulated me on being selected. It’s kind of funny; it’s like “congratulations on not looking that good!” But I am very excited to be transformed.

Day 1 boot camp was not what I expected. The first call was me and 14 girls, which sounds like the plot of an awesome high school party movie, but was actually very embarrassing when >50% were in better than I and destroying me on the stairs, bicep curls, and push-ups. Our trainer, Sampson, had a lot of “come on, you can do it” type comments and my brain was shutting down and saying “no, I can not do it.” But I did do it, and I’m terribly sore, and ready to go to sleep.

Going to try to take a nap at lunch. More training tomorrow!



Fitting for Yalun

Day 1: Polly

I was pretty nervous about tonight’s first Bootcamp, not least because there was someone taking pictures, videos and I have 0% fitness. The first Bootcamp was tough but not horribly so, beginners class (woohoo!). Bootcamp has got a great social aspect to it, I thought I’d miss my ipod and working out to tunes but I was too busy to notice!

I’m already looking forward to Wednesdays class 🙂

Roll on the next 8 weeks!


Transform HK WINNER!!!

We are proud to annouce that Mr. Yalun Tu and Ms. Polly Berryman have been selected to go through this 8 week transformation with us Bootcamp By Body Synergy Limited, Immaginaire Consulting & NRG Coaching.

IT WILL BE A RIDE! CONGRATULATIONS! Stay tuned for their progress!